Free and Custom Arenas

Free arenas:

In our crypto game world, we have created a friendly and risk-free environment for you players. Free unaided arenas great for users to test their skills risking their own tokens. Here, players can enter battles without staking an amount of their own.

Key features of Free Arenas include:

Zero Risk: Players do not lose any MUF tokens from their portfolio during free arena matches.
Attractive Rewards: However, even in free arenas, there are rewards and incentives that can bring you considerable earnings.
Training Experience: These are perfect for developing your skills, familiarizing yourself with the game and testing your strategies. All in all, they are a medium to get started whether you are a gamer or not just perfect to try your skills without risking your MUF tokens.

Custom Arenas:

For players who want more challenge and substantial earning opportunities, we have created custom arenas. Here, you can measure your skills in a head-to-head matchup with other players, and the prizes are really big.

Key features of Custom Arenas include:

Customizable Stakes: In these arenas, players both put an amount of $MUF tokens into play to determine the stake.
Attractive Rewards: The prize consists of 95% of the MUF tokens staked and the winner will get this huge reward.
Last modified 3mo ago