System architecture and operation

Our primary focus, for now, is on the alpha version of the game which will be available exclusively for users accessing it through a browser on their PCs or laptops. Once we receive the required funding, we plan to expand our services and develop a mobile app to offer an enhanced gaming experience on mobile devices.

What are the steps required for a user to participate in the game?

To play, the user must log into the game application and set up a username. After logging in, the user can choose to stake the NFTs they want to use in the game. These NFTs thus become available for use in the game. In addition to the rewards earned in the MUF token during the game, the user will also receive a reward bonus from the staking system based on the statistics of the NFTs they have staked.
By following the above steps, the user becomes eligible to enjoy the game and discover new skills and talents while having the opportunity to earn income.

Systems that will be implemented in the game:

The quest system: Users will receive 3 special missions daily, and upon completing them, they will be able to claim attractive rewards. In addition, there will also be bonuses for those who complete all missions in a week.
User Level System: Users will level up by participating in battles and completing quests.
NFT Level System: The NFT gains experience by participating in battles, allowing the user to level it up.
Daily Wheel System: Once a day, users who have at least one NFT staked are eligible to spin the wheel, which contains various prizes, including token rewards and certain predefined grand prizes.
Borrowing system: This system allows NFT holders to lend them to other users via a smart contract, thus giving owners full rights over their NFTs.
Upgrade System: Once an NFT is eligible for upgrade, it can be upgraded in level and stats. In order to increase the stats of an NFT, it is necessary to play with it frequently to gain experience in the game.
Doctor System: Through this system, the user can restore the energy of the characters in the game by paying a fee based on the amount of energy desired and the character's stats.
Internal Marketplace System: This marketplace offers players the opportunity to sell items, NFTs and resources within our platform in exchange for the MUF token. These transactions are based on a smart contract, which provides both the buyer and the seller with guarantees against unpleasant events.
These are just a few of the systems we are going to implement. As development progresses, we anticipate that changes will occur to improve all of these systems. We will consider player requirements and feedback, and based on this, we will create DAO votes using NFTs to allow players to vote on changes or additions to the game's systems.
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