Our team consists of two developers, Edi-Marian Ichim and Constantin-Dumitru Butco, who have experience in the industry. They have a solid history in the industry, with three previous games under the Estar Games umbrella. These games are eloquent examples of their skills and creativity:

Equistar: This exciting game explores the world of horse racing, giving players a unique experience in this field. To see more about this game, you can access this link.

XArena: It is a digital fighting arena of NFTs that brings epic confrontations and battle strategies to the fore. To explore this game, you can access this link.

XCastle: It is a decentralized game that allows players to create their own empires in an immersive virtual world. To discover more about XCastle, you can access this link.

These previous projects are concrete evidence of our development skills and our passion for innovation in the gaming industry. We are determined to apply the same dedication and creativity to make Multifights an outstanding success.

In addition to our developers, we're proud to have the exceptional talent of Maria Gainaru, a dedicated artist who is crafting a unique and enthralling world for our game. Her work will breathe life into a dynamic artistic universe, accentuating the allure of our NFT collection and adding an extra layer of depth to the gaming experience.

Our team will work closely together to develop a quality and engaging game, offering players a unique play-to-earn experience. We are committed to using all available resources to ensure that our game is constantly evolving and meets the expectations of the community.

Starting with just three team members, we know that the future of Multifights will be built on your support. We appreciate your support and are excited to announce that our team is growing to build amazing things together with you!

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