📈Business and development plan

Our business and development plan is centered around the sale of NFTs as well as the MUF token. The funds generated from these sales will be utilized to continue game development and provide rewards to players.

We will inform players about the various stages of NFT sales in advance so that they can participate in them. The proceeds from these sales will be used to finance the game's development, which includes the addition of new elements and features, and also to provide rewards to players through reward programs.

Moreover, the distribution of rewards will be based on the number of NFTs owned by each player. If a player owns more NFTs, they will be eligible for higher rewards. This will create a system that incentivizes players to complete their collection and become more involved in the game.

As the game evolves, we aim to attract more players and establish an active and dedicated community. Our business and development plan prioritizes providing an engaging gaming experience and offering meaningful rewards to players, creating a positive feedback loop of game support and development.

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