Our project focuses on developing a "Play to Earn" game based on NFTs, where holders can play, buy, sell, or trade NFTs with each other. This game aims to provide an immersive experience in the world of NFTs and allow players to leverage their skills and efforts in a truly rewarding way.
The game economy will be supported by our native token, MUF. This token will play a key role in rewarding players for their performances in PVP arenas and gaining access to special game features as well as exclusive NFTs.
Our main objective is to create an interactive and competitive environment for NFT collectors to use their collections in battles.
This Whitepaper will explore our project concept in detail, introduce our team, the underlying game technology, the token economy, and our future launch and development plans. We sincerely want to convince you of our potential and gain the support and trust of the community to realize this project.
Last modified 5mo ago